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Confidential Executive Coaching and Consulting. How can you celebrate your individuality while leading an organization? How can you lead an organization while, without risk; Discovering, Exploring, and Uncovering the Depths of your unique personality?

Engagement Speaking

Speaking that gets you and your team engaged by equipping, empowering and encouraging. Engagement Speaking tactfully tackles tough issues such as work-place race, gender, age and moral diversity; employee engagement, compensation, and motivation;  and internal and external managerial image.

Management Consulting

Managers, first time or experienced, are a two way channel that is essential to the organization’s success. How do you evaluate managerial candidates? How do you grow your existing managerial pool in order to bring out the best in work flow and benefit in and for your employees?

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Why Is Leadership Like Leading An Orchestra?

Leadership style is not dependent on personality or temperament. Research suggests that the most effective leaders are able to adjust […]

A businessman uses his laptop on London's South Bank.

The Employee Side of Termination

If you dislike your boss, chances are your boss dislikes you and may have had a hand, or both hands, […]

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How To Move Your Team From Existent To Efficient

In order to establish effective communication amongst a team, you must get the team to be an independent, yet, interdependent. […]

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